Autonomous clean zone

it is intended for handling and dispensing unsterile powdery and/or volatiles, in a laminar air flow.

The design provides protection of the operator, the processed substances and the environment.

Microbiological safety cabinet

the design provides protection of the operator against emission of dispersed particles formed in the working area. Protection is carried out using air stream, directed inside, with the subsequent its filtration and removal.

Explosion proof dust collector

it is intended for cleaning of air flow from small and large dispersive explosive dust on industrial enterprises




Sustainable quality


  • Every work can be presented as Value Creation Flow for Customer;
  • Managing every Flow is restricted to creating a maximum Value in minimum time – this is the Quality;
  • Every process which doesn’t create Value has to be immediately reviewed or deleted;
  • Every process which creates Value today and tomorrow is Companies standard;


Continuous Improvement


  • In order to stay modern it is necessary to move further – the quality of flows every single operation can every next time be better than the previous one;
  • We create conditions for Keizen development in the Company as well as actively partisapate in our Partners’ development.




  • Every employee must be a professional;
  • Professional not only in his field;
  • Professional in Value Supply Chain.




  • Insistency in achieveing goals is just like passion;
  • Great passion – is what pushes our Company further.


Right people, insistently carrying out right processes, providing right and sustainable results – this is the foundation of our company.





  • Flow quality management
  • Uncertainty management
  • TIPS-optimal decisions generation
  • Improving processes’ standards
  • Processes’ automatisation
  • Our own lean production (Toyota Production System)